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ARC continues to support our installed base of Merlin robots and supplies manipulators for Ultra High Vacuum applications where the Merlin is uniquely suited due to it's low outgas construction and 'elbow down' operating mode. Individual components of the modular manipulator are offered for integration into 3rd party automation systems. These include the high accuracy hollow shaft gearboxes and three axis wrist assemblies. Wrist assemblies can be supplied in a variety of lengths.

  • - 50 pound payload, 40" reach
  • - 20 pound payload, 60" reach
  • - 14" transmission with 4" hollow shaft
  • - Three axis wrist assembly in various lengths
  • - Vacuum Prep option available/li>
Merlin Robots



The following diagrams are also available:

Assembly Operation.


Waterjet Cutting Automotive Carpets.


Welding Application.


Elevation View of MR6500 Work Envelope.


Plan View of MR6500 Work Envelope.


View of Tool Mounting Flange.


Merlin's Three Axis Wrist.


View of MR6260.

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