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The Merlin robot is a rugged, reliable, six axis articulated robot built for applications ranging from automotive to electronics, to aerospace. Its unique work envelope and anthropomorphic design give workcell designers a wide range of options. There are three standard models:

  • MR6200 - 20 pound payload, 40" reach
  • MR6500 - 50 pound payload, 40" reach
  • MR6200 - 20 pound payload, 60" reach

Pricing Starts around $48,000



The following diagrams are also available:

Assembly Operation.


Waterjet Cutting Automotive Carpets.


Welding Application.


Elevation View of MR6500 Work Envelope.


Plan View of MR6500 Work Envelope.


View of Tool Mounting Flange.


Merlin's Three Axis Wrist.


View of MR6260.

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