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Based on the MotionCube processor unit, ARC offers complete robot control systems in an industrial control cabinet with motor drives and I/O. These open architecture Windows systems control a wide range of robotic manipulators from many manufacturers.

Universal Motion Controllers are popular for retrofit of existing robot systems as well as for custom designed manipulators. The UMC's hardware and software architecture supports multiple machine kinematics for a wide variety of manipulator, motor, and feedback configurations. Articulated arms, gantries, scaras, or unique combinations of linear and revolute axes are available from our library of supported mechanisms.

Two basic models are available, the UMC-1 and the UMC-2. The UMC-1 is supplied in a compact console style enclosure for light duty robots. The UMC-2 is supplied in a flange mount disconnect style enclosure for heavy duty, high payload robots. Both models feature open architecture programming in C#, VBasic, C++, or ARC's GCode style robot language.

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